Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ezra is home!!

Well, the week went by terribly quickly, for me anyway. Ezra had a blast in California. The trip included:my Mom, Rikki and Mylee, Dillan, my aunt Kim and Ezra. He would call several times a day to tell us what was "awesome" at that time. They spent all day last Saturday driving, taking it easy, no rush to get there. Sunday they spent the day on the trolley seeing the town and at the San Diego temple. I cannot remember exactly how it all went, but I think they spent Monday at Legoland, Tuesday at the San Diego zoo, Wednesday and Thursday at Sea World and Friday at the Wildlife Park. The long drive home came Saturday. I know what you are thinking... "not even spoiled a bit, huh"... Surprisingly enough my mom reports that Ezra was well behaved. Movies, video games and bribery work wonders. That is what she tells me anyway. I am sure Dillan and Ezra enjoyed their fair share of fighting and arguing, but nothing too terrible I guess. They did tons of cool stuff from "Dining with Shamu" to riding a hot air balloon, to taking a safari ride at the wildlife park. Ezra was so excited when he would call to talk about EVERYTHING, which was okay with me. I was glad he got to go, and I was kind of on a much needed vacation myself, but I was kind of sad not to get to see how excited he was for everything. My mom came home with lots of pictures though. Here are a few of the approximately 950 pictures they took.

The San Diego Temple

The view from the balloon...


Entering Legoland

As nice as the week was we sure missed you Ezra. Chandler crawled into your room countless times looking for you. She sure was excited to see you when you got home.

PS- I got my cell phone back! I haven't gotten my numbers and stuff transferred so I still don't know anyone's numbers but I can text, hooray!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I would lose my head. . .

I lose everything. I lose my keys, purse, phone, diaper bag, etc. daily. I leave things at Wal-Mart, at church, at restaurants, anywhere I go basically. Really, I am just unorganized and am usually yelling at Ezra or trying to calm Chandler so I don't pay attention to where I set something down. Well, anyway, a few days ago, my car was in the shop so I was sitting at my parents office waiting for it be finished. Rikki and I decided to go to lunch. I didn't see my phone so I figured it was probably shoved into the abyss of my diaper bag. Well, later my sister got a call from my mom asking, "Is Sheridan looking for her phone?" Rikki said, "I don't think so, did she leave it at the restaurant again?" Rikki got this grin on her face and I knew it couldn't be good.
Well, long story short, I dropped my phone outside at my parents office and it got ran over. It is kind of in a phone coma. It is a touch screen so I cannot send or receive texts, I sometimes catch an incoming call, and cannot see any of my contacts phone numbers because the display is gone, and can sometimes call out. So If you have called or text me since Tuesday and think I am ignoring you, it is not on purpose!! Hopefully this week I will get a new one and let this one go into phone heaven. I just am praying that I will not lose all my numbers. I mean seriously, I have every pizza place in town in there. I wouldn't want to have to get the phone book out...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy summer

It has been a while, huh. It has been a crazy busy couple of months. With work, the Sweet Corn Festival (which my mom is in charge of and needs plenty of help with), and trying to keep the family in check there hasn't been a dull moment. I am so glad to be out of August. Rikki and I had the brilliant idea to sell some things we have been making at our own booth in the craft fair at the festival. We have spent weeks working on things, sewing, glueing, painting and scrapbooking, not getting much accomplished on any one given day because all of our kids cannot behave at any one time. Then we sat there for 2 days, sweating in the sun, trying to keep the babies under control, trying to manage our booth. Wow, we will NEVER do that again. Can you say misery? If I ever have any similar ideas or intentions please, someone remind me of Sweet Corn Festival 2008.
The rest of the month was spent at family reunions, taking scuba lessons, and lots of time at the lake. The kids had a great time. Chandler got her first minor sunburn and ate her first piece of licorice. Ezra hasn't been inside much of the summer. He is such a fish. He would go swimming everyday if we would let him. He has enjoyed every second of this summer. Oh yeah, before we had Chandler, Ezra was almost potty trained. Well, he had a major relapse when she came along. So, a few months ago my mom promised him when he was completely potty trained and never had anymore accidents she would take him to see free Willy (he has a slight obsession- we have seen the trilogy countless times... I bet you didn't even know there was a trilogy, huh.) He is so busy playing 99% of the time, coming inside to go potty was a hassle.
Well, as you can see from the picture he figured a way around it. So my mom is taking Ezra to San Diego to Sea World for an entire week. He is so excited and this is the daily conversation,
"Am I going to see Free Willy today?"
"No, not today."
"Where is the phone, I need to call Grandma, I don't believe you.... Grandma, are we going to see Free Willy today?"
"No, Ezra not until Saturday."
"When is it going to be Saturday?..."
Anyway, you get the picture. They are also going to the San Diego zoo and Legoland. I will post about it when they get home I am sure.