Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The kids just got their pictures taken by Becca Martin, who did a great job with them. I got a preview...
Her new photography blog is

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here comes the sun...

It is finally getting warm enough for the kids to play outside. Ezra has always loved being outside, but I think Chandler is worse. She will slip outside with whoever opens the door. She loves to play in water, dirt, mud, anything. The kids have a play sink they fill with water and the faucet turns on and there are dishes in it. Chandler will seriously play in that thing for hours. I have finally resorted to just taking her clothes off because she usually starts the day clean and cute, but not soon into it she looks like she has never seen a bathtub. And it never fails that as soon as she gets sopping wet all the kids decide to go play in the dirt/mud.

Ezra's preschool is just about finished for the year. He is sad that he cannot go to school for the summer. Miss Jana and Miss Nikki do such a good job. He LOVES them. He is constantly talking about school and his teachers. Last week they had a police officer come to their class and they also got to go to the fire station. Today they went to Woodland Lake to feed the ducks. When I went to pick him up last week Miss Jana looked at me, smirking, and another mother (of 2 girls in preschool) and says, "I better tell you before you hear it, Brooke got kissed today." Brooke's mom kind of gasps and looks down at her daughter, then Miss Jana points at Ezra, who, might I add, had a HUGE grin on his face. She explained that they were all gathering for circle time, Brooke and Ezra were 2 of the first to the circle. Brooke was laying on her tummy holding her chin in her hands when Ezra looked at her for a second or two then planted one right on the poor girl's cheek. I guess she didn't really care, but man was her sister mad! Ezra begged me not to tell his dad, but of course I did and let me tell you, his father was very proud. ("Gonna be a ladies man like me, I guess.")