Monday, May 19, 2008

Ezra is 3!!

Ezra had his third birthday on May 13th. We had what was supposed to be a small party for him the Saturday before. But, as we all know, when my mother is involved nothing is small. The gathering this year was smaller than years past (there were about 100 people at Ezra's first birthday party) but was in no way small. Moroni and the boys put 'the swingset' together for the occasion. My mom has this vision of a playground next to her house and one of the accessories is this massive swingset that has a big slide, swings, a trapeze bar, a tree house with a wooden roof, a sandbox underneath, a rock climbing wall, a net to climb up with a few other things on it as well. She also got some teeter totters including one in the shape of an airplane that holds like 7 kids. Well, anyway, the guys spent the whole week putting the swingset together for the party. We also had Ezra's bounce house (a present from his 1st birthday) set up. The theme was firefighters. Ezra has had an obsession for quite some time now with firefighters. He dressed up as a fireman for Halloween last year. Anyway, in the middle of the party my mom had a friend, Clay Wood, bring the firetruck over. Let me tell you, the kids freaked. They thought it was sooo cool. They all had their little firehats on and took about a thousand pictures with it. Ezra thought he was so cool because he got to "drive" the firetruck and turn the sirens and stuff on.

The airplane teeter totter (see prior post)