Monday, June 16, 2008

It has been a while since I posted anything. Life has been crazy and busy for the past month or so. I have been busy helping Rikki paint at her house, gardening, playing with/yelling at chilren, working, sewing, scrapbooking, and making lots of bows. Oh yeah, and softball started, and wow am I out of shape. I pulled a muscle the first game I played and it seems only to be getting worse. Moroni has been working and putting up a new deck at Rikki's house. The old one needed to come up. It was getting pretty tattered, so he, with the help of his brother and Rikki's hubby, Jeremy, got to put in a new one made of Trex. It is expensive but has a lifetime warranty so it will be nice. The kids are crazy as always. Ezra has been extra naughty lately. I swear I have NO patience anymore. The other day he crawled under the door of a bathroom stall at a restaurant where I was having lunch with Sherawn, a "friend" of Dustin's, and said, "Sherawn, I see your underwear!!" Wow, I am a good mom, huh. He has too many bumps and bruises to count and he climbed up his dresser last week and the whole thing came crashing, literally, down on him. Like I said, he is crazy.
Chandler and Mylee are both getting so big. Mylee is so strong, I'm sure she'll be crawling soon. Chandler is getting sooooo chubby. She has a hobby already, she loves to eat. She could do without sleeping, playing or enjoying any other baby pastimes. We just started her on baby food (which she loves) and rice cereal. She can polish off 2 jars easily in one sitting and is still hungry. I am convinved she could probably finish a third jar but I refuse to let her try! Here are Mylee and Chan, about to have their lunch. Check out Mylee's crazy hair. It is dark and kind of blends with the chair but it is thick, long and wild.