Monday, October 5, 2009

Missing the "E dog"...

Elder Michael Levi and Uncle Billy

We spent most of last week in Provo with Moroni's family. Michael, our nephew just got home from his mission in the Philippines. We drove up Thursday evening. We left home about 4:00 pm so the kids would sleep most of the way (wishful thinking). We arrived about 2 in the morning. The kids did okay on the drive, not terrible, but definitely not good. We were all there, about 40 of us, to meet Michael at the airport. It was crazy fun that night. The next day we had a big luau for him. We stayed Sunday and planned on leaving Monday morning. Well, long story short we didn't come home until Thursday night. And we came home one short! Ezra stayed there. He was having such a blast with all of his cousins. As soon as he woke up everyday he wanted to go see if his "boy cousins" were awake. He was stuck to Michael like glue as well. I don't know why, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he took Ezra to Chuck E. Cheeses everyday we were there just about! Next weekend we will be going to Vegas to another nephew's eagle scout court of honor. We are going to meet the Provo Tenney's there and see if our son wants to come home! Probably not, but we are taking him anyway. Me and Chan don't know what to do with ourselves without him, surprisingly enough. Moroni is dying without him too.

I am sure he is having a great time. I was a little worried because he usually has a breakdown about midnight whenever he sleeps anywhere but home. Every time I call he will basically say hi, then bye because he is too busy to talk. Man, he is getting big and I am getting so old!

These are pictures from Ezra's preschool class field trip to Thunder Raceway during transportation week. Ezra said this was "the funnest day ever!" Ezra sat with the boys at the very top and cheered as the car went round and round the track.