Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sixth Street Preschool

Today was the first day of my 2.5 hr/3 day per week break. Sixth Street preschool started today. Ezra's 2.5hr/3 day per week "best day ever" began today. It is "All about me" week. Snack for the first day consisted of a human paperdoll. Sounds delicious doesn't it?
Thankfully, this year we have someone to carpool with. Ezra's new best girl friend, Desi, gets to ride in our car every other week. This week Ezra gets to ride in her car. Chandler gets to spend 'me and mommy' time, which she doesn't need because she already doesn't leave my side for more than 2 seconds unless she is sleeping. Maybe she will get enough of me with this new adventure of having me all to herself. Probably not.

Chandler, or Princess, as she already thinks she should be called, can't get enough of clothes, shoes, and "pretties." The mirror is the girl's best friend. I have learned not to interfere with the choosing of shoes in the morning unless I am prepared for a major meltdown. "What have I done?" I sometimes ask myself. I thought it was so cute when she wanted to carry a purse around, or when we had to spend 15 minutes looking at the shoes at Wal-Mart. Now I think I am in trouble. "Pretty?" she'll ask, as she puts lip gloss on in the mirror after watching me put on my makeup. I'm afraid I have created 2 monsters between the princess and her brother.

Ezra pouting on the tramp because he has to wait to ride the 4-wheeler after preschool.

Chandler being her girly self.