Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So we are getting ready to re-paint my mom's walls, which are in dire need of a new coat, when we start moving things around to tape up the moulding... Behind the entertainment center we find....
After the initial shock and poking it a few times with a stick we realized it was dead. I now know that my kids should no longer be watching "Man vs. Wild" with their dad.

Bear Grylls has nothing on these kids, seriously. Ezra will knowingly eat anything, and Chandler unknowingly will eat anything. They will both eat raw fish, veggies, and lots of other stuff I won't even touch.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's February!

Well, so much for keeping up my blog. It is February already and this is only my second post of the new year. Oh well. I have too many other things to stress over so I won't stress this. We have been busy at our house over the past month. Here is a little something about what we have all been doing.

Sheridan- We had a Relief Society luncheon at my house, which was very fun, by the way. It was on Tuesday and I had been sick since Sunday, so my house wasn't as clean as I had hoped, but after it was over I was glad I hadn't spent too much time on it. I am not positive on numbers but there were lots of ladies, and LOTS of kids! I swear there must have been 30 kids ages 5 and under. We had several different kinds of delicious soup, homemade rolls, and YUMMY cinnamon rolls for dessert. It was fun to get together with everyone, young and old. The kids had a good time as well, I think. I can't wait until next month ladies!

Moroni- Always staying busy. I gave him my cold, he was sick for a week. I love to share everything with my honey! He is working as hard as ever. They have been slow at work, but have laid off many employees, so as a salary employee he has had to pick up much of the slack. He doesn't complain though, I do.

Ezra - has been in preschool for about 2 months now, and he loves it. His teachers are so good and he talks about it all day long. He brings home the cutest things, which he is very proud of and he is very excited about his upcoming field trip to the dentist's office. He has also been spending too much time with my dad's new mini cows (they are just small cows that don't eat as much). So he is saying the prayer the other night and it goes something like this:

"....Thankful for this day, thankful for our family, please bless my friend David, bless my friend Jace, bless my uncle Dillan, bless uncle Dustin, bless Rikki, bless Jeremy, bless Drego (Rikki's dog), please bless... " for about 10 other names, and finally, "and PLEASE bless the cows. Amen." He will stand at my parent's fence for an hour feeding the cows 1 piece of hay at a time. I am talking literally 1 strand at a time. They stand there and let him talk to them, pet them, and feed them 1 piece of hay. It is funny. Today we were on our way to preschool when we stopped at my parent's house to get Ezra's favorite shoes that he had left there. On our way back to the car after recovering the shoes he yells,

"Mom wait!" He goes over to the cows and says, "I am so sorry cows, I am going to be late for school so I don't have time to feed you today. I know you are hungry, I am so sorry." The cows are looking at him like they are actually listening, then he runs to the car. I am telling you this boy is crazy.

Chandler- The girl is up to no good. She is really turning into a trouble maker. She is good at making a mess and getting dirty. She loves phones and is constantly calling people from who's ever phone she has picked up. She has picked up on the send button and will push it several times until the phone starts to ring or she hears music. She gets this look on her face, you know she is doing it on purpose. She loves her auntie Velma and will usually go to her over me.
Chandler and Mylee have become good friends. They both get very excited when they see eachother, run and give each other kisses. They had their first "cat fight" though. They got into a knock-down, drag out, screaming, pinching, hair-pulling, fight. I was at work but my mom said they couldn't break it up because they were laughing too hard.
One more thing, I just wanted to brag about my latest shopping trip. I have been doing coupons with my sister-in-law. It is not as easy to do it here with a lack of grocery stores, but I got a really good deal at Bashas' and Safeway the other day. I got all these groceries for under $41.00. I have also gotten about 50 bars of soap for about 21cents total, and 15 four packs of cottonelle toilet paper for free, and I make money when I buy toothpaste now!