Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Got Snow?

Well I have been a terrible blogger the past few weeks. There have been too many things to post so I just put it all off altogether. We had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Year's. I made plenty of resolutions, a couple have already been broken, pathetic, I know. The Saturday after Christmas several of my good friends from high school got together and had breakfast. I was so fun to see how everyone has changed. We had a blast visiting for several hours. I won't post that picture because there have been a few posted on some of their blogs, but I will email everyone that was there the picture. Last Saturday I took the kids sledding with Jolynn, Rayna, and their families. We went up by Sky High Retreat. It was fun. We spent the first half of the day just hanging out in the snow and sledding down a "pile" of snow because one of the trucks was stuck. The babies, especially Chandler, did not like the snow. She cried about 99% of the time I wasn't holding her. I did manage to sled a few times without her. Once with Ezra, to his dismay. He is a big boy you know. Plus we did quite a tumble at the bottom of the hill. He was much better on his own he thought. Anyway, one of my goals for the upcoming year is to journal or scrapbook something at least weekly. I figure blogging is like an online journal, so I hope to be updating it frequently. We'll see...

"All by myself Mom..."

Chandler and Conner not enjoying the snow

Dakota and Ezra

The Crash