Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ezra decided to make a huge mud puddle behind my mom's house. He started to cry when he got mud on his shoes but once he realized he was already going to be in trouble for the muddy mess he thought he might as well make it worth while. He got Dillan and Dakota in on the fun. They were soon having a mud fight. Mud everywhere. He didn't get in trouble, I had to laugh. Especially when he told me he was drinking the "chocolate milk" from the puddle.

Chan and Auntie Vee

We went to Lalovi's baby shower in Mesa. Ezra spent the day with Uncle Jacob having a water fight (trust me, he can dish it out but definitely can't take it) while we went to the shower. It was a fun party with the usual array of games and prizes. There were 3 games, my mom won them all. She has been to a few too many baby showers I'd say. Vee and baby ended the day with lots of new clothes and supplies. We are excited for the new edition, she should be here soon!