Saturday, March 29, 2008

the girlz

Chandler just hanging around

Ezra loves uncle Jacob!!

Jacob just got home from his mission in New Zealand. Ezra was very excited to see him. I'm not sure if actually remembered him or not, but he knew him from his picture.

Mylee and Chandler get their pictures taken nonstop. Between Rikki and I, one of us seems to always have a camera on, or at least in hand. These two little girls don't go a day without at least one photo being snapped.

chan and teddy

Winter 2007

Chandler's blessing day

Chandler is a happy baby. As long as you are giving her 100% of your attention she is good. If you talk to her and make goofy noises she is content, if you look away, or talk to someone else, it is another story....

Ezra all geared up for a ride!

Everyone was going four-wheeling with all the snow on the ground. Ezra was feeling left out because he had a cold and wasn't allowed outside. Well after 2 days of him whining to go outside I gave in. He got all bundled up and got to go on the four wheeler with Moroni and uncle Sefo. He had a blast.

We spent Easter Sunday at the Tenney's house in Heber. (Heber's house as Ezra refers to it.) It was

Jacob's homecoming so he was speaking in church. Many of our nieces and nephews sang also. It was a really good meeting, which would have been better if Ezra wouldn't have been crying to go find Easter eggs the ENTIRE time. Tons of the Tenney's were there along with my family and lots of friends. We had a really good dinner afterwards, then just hung out. Chandler and Ezra love to go to Heber because they get spoiled the whole time. Chandler never gets put down and Ezra can pretty much do whatever he wants. The Utah Tenney's left after dinner to get back on the road, all the cousins always hate to say goodbye. Anyway, here is Chandler in her Easter basket, with Ezra close behind as always.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Zoo

We decided to go to the zoo before it got too hot. Ezra had a blast. He began the day riding the camel with auntie Velma. He decided his favorite animal was the giraffe. He liked the lion also. He hated staying in the stroller, but with a million other kids running around I wasn't going to let him out. We told him if he stayed out of his seat for too long the monkeys would try to adopt his sister, which he didn't like to hear. It was a good day. All the Tenney's, including Jacob, who we picked up from the airport from his mission the day before, were there. We ended the day with Ez on the carousel, because he was not going to leave until he got to ride the giraffe and the lion.