Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spontaneous? Me? You know me too well...

We had an exciting weekend. Jolynn and I had been looking forward to visiting Amber and baby Kru for several weeks. Kiara and Amber B. were supposed to come but chickened out, which for a bit I thought maybe I should've done as well. Amber had a fun-filled weekend planned for us. We were going to fly from Taylor to Provo via "Hatch Air," which I was excited about. The flight would only last 2 1/2 hours each way, so even though we were only going to spend the weekend we would have plenty of time to play. I was a little worried about the small plane, but not concerned enough to deter me from a weekend of girl talk and 'child-less' shopping. Moroni drops me off at the airport where I met up with Jolynn. We were waiting for another passenger for quite some time and got to talking. We finally get in the air and the fun and gabbing begins.
I need this weekend for my sanity. My husband and children need this weekend for their sanity. I am almost giddy. We are packed into the 6 passenger plane with 6 adults and 2 children on laps. It was a beautiful and enjoyable ride until about 15 minutes before we arrived in Provo.

Jared's 2 kids, 3 and 1 years old, were surprisingly good on the plane. No crying, no screaming. I am thinking to myself, "Man, my kids would have been terrors in such a small area for this long." Just as I had that thought the 3 year old starts throwing up. Jolynn starts dry-heaving into her jacket.

Dang- we are so close. Really? Now? I have always had a hard time with motion sickness and I was doing so well. Then it starts to get rather bumpy. Snow, wind, rain and mountains made for a messy entrance into Provo. The smell gets overwhelming with everything else. I look around, what am I going to puke into? Nothing?! All I have is my purse! Oh no, kill me.

Luckily an open vent and some deep breathing helped me get to the airport without actually heaving. Ok, this might be an alright weekend after all. We arrive at the airport where Amber met us. She looked so great. Definitely not looking like she has a 1 month old baby. The excitement soon turns to stress when we learn that because of the weather we will not be able to fly home! What? We don't have a ride home? Wait,...? Amber you knew? WHAT the.... Why didn't you say?....
"Well I knew Sheridan wouldn't come...." Oh man. Gotta love that girl. We did have a fun fun weekend, only filled with stress when we started thinking about getting home! Amber, good old Amber, had started looking for a us a ride on facebook, which actually turned up several options, all of which didn't end up working out. We finally decided on renting a car and driving ourselves home. Late the evening before we were supposed to leave we ended up getting buddy passes from my cousin. Seriously a joyous occasion! There were a ton of seats for the afternoon flight and getting a seat should not be a problem. We arrive at the airport, so sad to leave but excited to get home. Well, with our luck and mostly bad luck, an earlier flight had been cancelled and there were not enough seats for us. We did get on the later flight but had to stay in the airport for several hours waiting. I got home after midnight and am completely exhausted from all the excitement! We had a crazy, spontaneous, weekend filled w
ith babies, girl talk, lauging, talking and shopping. It was awesome. I love my girls but was happy to come home to my family. I can't wait for our next trip!


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