Saturday, December 12, 2009

My second turn with the terrible 2's

I seriously cannot believe Chandler is 2 years old. I feel like we have had her forever, but it seems like I was just barely pregnant with her at the same time. She is such a funny little girl. She has quite a personality. She is what I call "stuck up" a lot of the time. She is starting to warm up to some people, but only when she wants to. I am afraid the terrible 2's are going to be extra terrible this time around. With Ezra it was more like the terrible 3's, but it has already started with Miss Chan. Yesterday was day one, only 364 more to come. She can be so loving and cute, but she has such a stingy, naughty side too! We already knew this but it was confirmed at the birthday party. She got a playset for her "babies" that included a stroller, high chair, playpen, and some other stuff that she would not let any of the other kids play with. She didn't necessarily want to play with it, but she was not going to let anyone else either. She would have a baby in the stroller, then see Mylee or someone else playing with another baby and accessory, scream, run steal whatever she had, throw it, then go back to her baby and stroller. It was somewhat of a nightmare, having several, 1-2 year old girls fighting/pinching/biting/hairpulling over babies, strollers, and princess chairs. We did have a surprise guest, Santa! After the initial shock and 90% of the kids crying we took turns sitting on his lap. Mylee loved Santa, in fact, she would not get off his lap. She would just touch his beard, or rub his belly and repeat,"Sata" over and over. She is in most of the pictures with the other kids. Thanks Velma and Vee for grilling in the cold wind for your favorite neice's birthday party. It was "Delish" as Kiara would say.

Anyway, wish me luck everyone. I will need it for at least the next 364 days.
Pictures to come...


kaitlynn said...

You get it! Some people don't get our weird humor. Hope you had a merry Christmas.

Becky said...

hey it sounds all to close to home! Ezra and Addy do need to get together! I am sure that they can cause alot of trouble, bear and chan could cause some of their own! i miss you i hope someday we can live in snowflake so our kids can play all the time. or maybe just you and me!